2018 Brazil World Cup Away Shirt Women

As we all know, Brazil is a country where almost everyone loves football. There is no doubt that football has become the most popular sport in Brazil. Brazil national team is also one of the most successful teams in the world; it has won five titles of FIFA World Cup and is ranked the first in the FIFA World Rankings.

As a powerful and excellent team, Brazil national team does have many classic matches in the World Cup. Although it only won World Cup once in 2002, the team is still a strong team in the stage of the World Cup. Players are able to play exciting and incredible games on the field. Let’s look at the team’s excellent performances in the World Cup in the 21st century.

In the 2002 World Cup, Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica and China national teams met in one group. Players from Brazil showed amazing football techniques, winning 2-1 over Turkey, 4-0 over China and 5-2 over Costa Rica, especially in the game against China national team where the top 3 scorers(Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho) respectively scored a goal. Besides, Roberto Carlos also scored by a free kick. This game allowed numerous fans to see a huge difference between the first-rate team and a weak team.

In the 2006 World Cup, Brazil national team successfully made it out of the group stage and into the knockout round, winning Australia, Japan and Croatia national teams. In the quarter final players of Brazil and France national teams all performed well, but the France’s key member Zidane helped his team won the game finally.

How will the Brazil national team perform in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Let’s look forward to the competition held from 14 June to 15 July.

There is an away football shirt for the squad to participate in the World Cup. Certainly, the shirts for women and kids are also available at online stores.

It is predominately blue and features a big five-pointed star specially designed on front of the shirt to symbolize two significant moments of in the history of the Brazil national team. The first one was that players put on a blue football jersey for the first time in the 1958 World Cup Final. The second was that they won this World Cup, which was the first time that Brazil had won the championship. Gold Nike Swoosh and iconic team badge are printed proudly on the chest. The five gold five-pointed stars above the badge represent five titles of the World Cup.

The pattern taken from Brazil national flag is put inside of the collar and surrounded by wave lines. The word “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed on the outer ring.

On the other hand, this away shirt 2018 is made from high-performance knitted fabric that is made by the latest Vaporknit technology. Therefore, players can run faster on the field when they put on the shirt. In addition, the visible meshes on the chest and back are accurately produced based on the real-time analysis of players’ perspiration so as to provide good breathability.

2018 England Away Football Kit Women

The 2018 England away shirt for women is published by Nike. The two-tone red away kit sketching a modern image of St. George’s Cross. The two-tone red stripes will remind the memories of various kinds of people about the eminent football players, histories and their striking performances on football pitch. The white shorts are stitched with purely white logo of Nike; the crest of England national football team is stitched on the opposite side.

The two most symbolic signs for England national football team are rose and St. George’s Cross, which also have been claimed by the England side. The third most symbolic sign for England national football is the Three Lions crest, and the inspirations of the present Three Lions is derived from the antecedents in the 12th century. When the England Football Associations collected all design elements, above three signs are all included into the collection for deeply rooted history of England national football team. In addition, game-changing 2018 England away football shirt is combined with above iconic elements and revealing the spirits in innovation and fast-forward tradition.

As paying attention to the two-tone colors in England shirt, the symbolic St. George’s Cross are knitted on back collar. Besides St. George’s Cross printed on shirts, it could be found on the flying cars and terraces of stadium during the period of competition. The brand new England football shirt consists of a rosette on the basis of the rose on caps, which have been received by senior players when they represent England side in international stage every time.


Italy Home Shirt 2016 Women

PUMA and Italian Football Association (FIGC) jointly unveiled Italy Home and Away Shirts 2016 for Italy national team to participate in 2016 European Cup. The shirts are also provided for women’s national team.

The new blue home shirt and white away shirt pay homage to the great history of Italian football.

Designers get inspiration from Italian growing passion, a strong sense of pride and the tradition of Italian football in design process. Thus, lots of unique details are shown on the new shirts.

Italy Women Home Shirt 2016 has a high-round collar and keeps a classic charm. Meanwhile, exquisite fashion of Italy is reflected in the home shirt. The eye-catching PUMA logo and the FIGC crest are printed on the chest. In addition, there is also a PUMA logo on the left and right sleeves. What’s more, a small three-colored flag is designed on both sides of the shirt, representing Italy national flag. All of these design details are necessary elements to show PUMA brand and show respect to the country. The shirt is full of classic PUMA form strips and printed with players’ names and numbers with PUMA official font.

“I thank PUMA for designing our national team jersey. It is still one of our great partners. Besides, PUMA also provides sports equipment for our youth team, women’s soccer and beach soccer team. The national team represents the Italian flag when players play in football fields around the world. Therefore, the detail that the national flag is put on the shirt perfectly reflects this idea.” said Carlo Tavizio, the chairman of the FIGC.

France football shirt 2016 Women

The new France football shirt is similar to many other Nike teams. Football shirt of France, USA and England are derived from same templates. It takes classic French blue as main color, showing its prides in a concise and fashionable manner. Sleeves of the France football shirt could be pulled up to displaying the blue national social status of France. National football team badges are printed directly on the shirt in flat and seamless manner. And back collar is embroidered with the word “France”.

The football shirt features a new crest, derived from the classic cockerel worn by the French team in 1958. The symbol is enlarged and freed from its badge, becoming the ultimate symbol of national pride.

The crest is carefully embroidered and inspired by the complicate bullion technique. The new and bigger white cockerel stands proudly with its elegant plume of feathers lifted.

The equipment manufacturer produces a new Nike France 2016 blue football shirt with dark blue sleeves. You could find dark blue details, and the collar and strip on each side of the shirt, which runs the length of shirts. The Nike emblem, FFF, the cockerel are printed on it.

After understood the deeper connotation of France football shirts for women, I decided to purchase one piece from online platform, enjoying the pride planted deeply at the bottom of French hearts.


Netherlands Home Shirt 2016 Women

Having incorporating classic orange and shiny blue, the new Netherlands football shirt for women enveloped Netherlandish traditional values – courage, leadership and faithfulness. Football shirt is made by Aero Swift technology to help players excluding interferences and focusing on competition.

“Fight for a state is the chief dreams for every football players. I already prepared to compete with the best football team in the world for the beautiful football shirt. It is bravo!” said Riechedly Bazoer, a member of Netherlands football team.

Entirely new football shirt for women takes symbolic orange as main color, and color, national badge and stripes on left and right side of football shirts are decorated with shiny blue. On the chest, the geometric pattern enhances comfort and breathability, with smaller mesh shapes at the bottom of the shirt leaving an extra cool feeling.

Respects to national honor appear on both the interior and exterior of the jersey. The HD silicon crest is heat printed to the chest, and “Netherlands” is knitted into back collar. Interior and exterior of cuffs are embroidered with “Oranje” and “Leeuwen”. An round emblem printed on interior of football shirt shows respect to Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (KNVB), which was established in 1889.

Shiny blue stripes run the length of football shirt, matching shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, it maximizes ventilation and reveals a subtle tone of underlying blue. Blue socks feature a linear orange graphic on the calf. They bring a sharp contrast to the head-to-toe look and highlight the lower legs of the footballer’s body to accentuate speed.

Each kit is made by 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has diverted almost 3 billion bottles from landfills, enough to cover over 5200 full-sized football pitches.

United States Home Shirt 2016 Women

The United States women’s national soccer team publishes their new France football shirt. Main colors of the home football shirts are classic white, attaching badges showing rich football history of the United States.

Advanced technology adopted by football shirt helps players excluding interferences and focusing on sports event. Football shirts display new symbol of United States Soccer Federation (USSF), with bold word “USA” in navy blue at the center of shield. White and red stripes are under the navy word “USA”.

Main color of entirely new football shirts of women is white while it matches blue sleeves. Geometric structure in front of the chest is weaved by unique craftsmanship. It would makes shirts perform better in degree of comfort and breathability. Small mesh area of lower part leaves an extraordinary cool impression to people.

There are red stripes on both sides of two shirts, providing strong breathability to people as displaying striking bottom white design. Blue threadlike drawings on entirely new white socks highlight the vigorous calf of players, enhancing the embodying of speed. They could be matched leg warmers, which strengthen protections of ankle without damage its flexibility and attached with liners in areas inclined to be hurt.

Each set of kit, including garment, shorts and socks, is made of recycled plastics, which are degraded to produce good yarn constituted main cloth of shirts. Each shirt is converted from 16 plastic bottles on average.

England Home Football Shirt 2016 Women

England national football team is one of teams that never changes the main color of your shirts. The England football team members are always in white or navy blue football shirts and shorts. Rest of England football shirts adopt white and navy blue.

Nike presents new England football shirt in a traditional navy blue with a futuristic touch and a modern look, leaving clean and elegant impression to people all over the world. The England home shirt 2016 of the English National Team is mainly formed by shades of navy blue – a color originally coined to the British Royal Navy and used by England last Time in 2012.

This lighter shading enhances the redesigned shield of the Three Lions on the chest of the T-shirt and trousers. The shield has a silver effect, giving a more contemporary touch to the equipment. The main technology of this shirt, which is the same as that used by players in games, makes it incredibly breathable and light with total mobility.

Fabric: 100% Polyester

You can freely select national badges you like and print your name and favorite number on all shirts. The jerseys of new season are renewed successively. Waiting for your attention.