Germany Home Shirt 2016 Women

Adidas and German Football Association(DFB) jointly publish 2016 Germany Women’s Home Shirt.


The design of Germany Women Home Shirt with black shorts and black socks is still stylish. Thus, fans of Germany national team can know the team quickly when they see the shirt. The new shirt has a “bar code”, symbolizing the victories of previous World Cups and the European Cups. And the years when they got victories are printed on sleeves. The numbers “54-74-90-14” on the left sleeve show that Germany national team won the champions at World Cup four times. The three numbers “72-80-96” on right sleeve separately represent three victories Germany national team had got in European Cups. As has mentioned, the shorts and socks are all black. On the right leg, there is the logo of Germany national team. In addition, four stars, from the logo of national team, are respectively put on left and right socks.

“The Germany home or away shirts themselves represent the success. The classic colors are put together perfectly. Adidas three stripes that symbolize victory are put on each side of the body instead of on sleeves this time. Besides, some colors including black, red and gold, as a decoration, are used in the shirt.” said Bastian Schweinsteiger, the national team captain.
“The new design of the shirt is very classic and simple. We hope players of national team can be concentrative and efficient on football fields.” said Oliver Bierhoff, the manager of national team.